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built by michigan car logoElectric Vehicles: Built By Michigan
Public and workspace charging stations will help more drivers choose an electric car by reducing “range anxiety.”
Photo: City of Auburn Hills
Electric engines are more efficient than internal combustion engines – even with Michigan’s coal-dominated grid. But, continuing our commitment to power generation from renewable sources means EVs will become an even cleaner option over time.
Photo: Mark Hildebrandt, SunVentrix Solar, Saline, Michigan
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Graphic: AutoblogGreen
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Photo: Plug-in Ready Michigan - an EV preparedness plan
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Photo from Reuters

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of the automobile industry and a key innovation in transportation technology and manufacturing in the 21st Century. Michigan pioneered the auto industry and now stands at the forefront of its future. Yet, the growth of this industry depends in large part on whether the market for electric vehicles continues to strengthen. Michigan therefore has a critical role to play in ensuring that electric car adoption and sales succeed here in the auto state.