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Who We Are:

Partner Sign On ButtonThe Built By Michigan coalition brings together small business, large business, workers, families, electric vehicle owners and car aficionados, environmental and faith based organizations, and more to advance the manufacturing and sales of the electric vehicle in Michigan to strengthen our economy and put our workers back to work.


What We Do:

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Promote Forward Thinking EV Policy in Michigan: Electric vehicles are a key innovation in transportation technology and manufacturing in the 21st Century, but will only thrive with a strong market. BBM believes there’s no better place than the auto state to build a market that will make electric car adoption and sales succeed.

BBM supports:

  • Incentives for the purchase of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and associated charging equipment 
  • Planning by local municipalities to support EV charging stations in the community and at work 
  • Purchase of electric vehicles for public and private vehicle fleets
  • Integration of EV charging infrastructure into utility planning and customer demand-response incentive programs.

Policy Research and Recommendations: We've put together a series of factsheets about EVs in Michigan that are useful for anyone looking to learn more. Those are available as PDF and in online views here.