Electric Vehicles & Michigan Manufacturing

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of the automobile industry and a key innovation in transportation technology and manufacturing in the 21st Century. Michigan pioneered the auto industry and now stands at the forefront of its future. Yet, the growth of this industry depends in large part on whether the market for electric vehicles continues to strengthen. Michigan therefore has a critical role to play in ensuring that electric car adoption and sales succeed here in the auto state.

For over 100 years, Michigan was at the center of the automotive industry, forging a legacy that spanned the globe. However, the recent economic recession has required Michigan’s most renowned industry to reinvent itself. Similarly, new fuel economy standards and consumer concerns about gasoline prices have presented challenges as well as opportunities for Michigan’s automakers. Fortunately, Michigan is well on its way in building the connection from its deep automotive past into an electrifying future.

Michigan: Open for Business

Michigan is positioned as a leader in many facets of the growing electric vehicles industry. Equally important are the opportunities for growth in the advanced energy storage and component manufacturing sectors related to electric vehicles. The map at right, prepared by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, highlights the over 35 Michigan companies across 8 key supply chain segments that have made significant investment in advanced vehicle manufacturing.

The positive impact of electric vehicles is already being felt in Michigan’s economy. Since 2008, more than $5.7 Billion in advanced vehicle manufacturing investment has been announced. The Chevy Volt alone has led to more than $700 million in investments at eight manufacturing plants for production of the vehicle and components. Likewise, Ford has invested $1 billion to modernize its Michigan Assembly Plant from an SUV factory to a plant to build the Focus, the all-new Focus Electric, and upcoming C-Max Hybrid and Energi.


Who We Are

Built By Michigan brings together business, workers, families, electric vehicle owners, environmental organizations, and community leaders to advance the manufacture and sale of electric vehicles in Michigan.  We work with cities and industry leaders to develop and disseminate best practices for electric vehicle integration and adoption at the municipal level.