Join the Electric-Vehicle Parade

Dear Reader,

With gas prices up over four dollars a gallon, and electric vehicles getting some very positive media buzz these days, we know there's a lot of curiosity out there among potential drivers.

The media buzz? Did you see that GM sold more Volts in August than in any previous month? (Anchor to the story below) We're particularly encouraged by the fact that this year's sales numbers for EV's could end up double that from last year, and possibly higher.

The momentum is clearly starting to build, but some folks are still not sold on the idea.

And that's why we're taking part in National Plug-In Day coming up this Sunday (Sept. 23) in Saline and Ann Arbor, to give folks a chance to kick the tires, look under the hood and talk with owners about what makes these cars such a great deal.

During the event, EV owners will show off their cars, dealers will offer test drives of all the plug-in vehicles on the road today, the utility companies will be there to talk about how to plug in at home.

This is a perfect opportunity for people who are curious about electric vehicles but aren't hooked yet to see the cars up close, and get a better handle on how much they could save by making the switch. Electric vehicles would save drivers money and help reduce emissions for all of us.

We have more details in this newsletter (anchor to the story below).

Why don't you come out and join us? And bring the neighbors!

Until next time,

Charles GriffithCharles Griffith
Climate & Energy Program Director
The Ecology Center