Is Michigan 'plug-in ready'?

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Is Michigan 'plug-in ready'? Just look at the numbers. Chevrolet Volt sales are breaking records and customers are buying Ford’s new “electrified” vehicles as fast as the company can make them. It’s clear that plug-in electric vehicles have entered the mainstream. What do we need to make this industry even stronger?

Well, one of the key factors is support by policy makers at the federal, state and local levels, something we’ve long advocated through the Built by Michigan coalition. At the federal level, we need leadership like that shown by Sen. Debbie Stabenow in persuading the Department of Energy to locate hubs for advanced-battery research here in Michigan. 

But we’ll also need more local solutions, helping companies and communities lay the groundwork with charging stations, fleet purchases and other steps.

Now, thanks to our friends at the Clean Energy Coalition, NextEnergy, and Greater Lansing Area Clean Cities, we have the roadmap we need to get from here to there.

Plug-In Ready Michigan, the plan they’ve created with input from more than 40 stakeholders including Michigan municipalities, automotive manufacturers, utility providers, and non-profit organizations, will help the state’s municipal leaders, consumers, and private companies prepare for increased plug-in electric vehicle use.

The report looks at the current state of plug-in infrastructure in Michigan, and provides a toolkit and examples of sound solutions already working for cities around the state.

Plans like those found in Plug-In Ready Michigan are critical to helping Michigan remain one of the national leaders in sales of electric vehicles. Now let’s all work to make sure we get those plans and policies put in place.

Until next time,
Charles Griffith
Climate & Energy Program Director
Ecology Center

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