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Ford Electric VehicleElectric cars are the future. Chevy said it a few months ago and now Ford is echoing the sentiment. The carmaker just got back results of a study of the carmaker’s EV customers and it turns out people really love their EVs. 90% of owners said they won’t be going back to a gas-powered car and even more said they’re looking to get a second PEV. The study said the satisfaction comes mostly from the superior electric drive experience, and the superior experience of saving money on fuel.

And it’s not only good news from the consumer side this month. A WardsAuto survey of auto engineers shows that these industry insiders are betting on electrification to meet 2025 EPA fuel efficiency standards. EV technology came in just behind engine efficiency and lightweighting strategies, and the engineers are echoing the sentiments of an earlier National Highway Safety Administration study which found that the seemingly costly goals are very much in reach.

technologies to help meet 2025 CAFE standardsAlso in agreement: Morgan Stanley, who issued a report that said EVs will be a key to mitigating climate change. The analysis pointed to increasingly less expensive batteries as a major factor in making this economically feasible. That’s good news for Michigan which, as we talked about last month, is a leader in the advanced battery industry. A recent article from Midwest Energy News points out that this puts our state into an exciting place to jump into the global energy storage market, with projects like GM’s Volt battery reuse finding new applications for EV tech.

It’s been a great summer for the Michigan EV industry, we’ve seen some hiring, lots of innovation and with all the events we just added to our calendar, it’s sure to be an equally exciting fall.

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Charles Griffith
Climate & Energy Program Director
The Ecology Center

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