New Bolt, Volt and Chrysler plug-in Minivan Getting Lots of Buzz

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This month has brought a flurry of updates on the features of the new Chevy Bolt, after the production model was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in December. writes:

“General Motors says the Chevy Bolt EV will get more than 200 miles range – a credible estimate and perhaps the only question remaining is how much more?”

The Bolt’s battery is also designed to combat the cold weather drag that often cuts down on an EVs range.

This range puts the Bolt squarely in competition with Tesla’s Model 3, a concept version expected to land in March. But the Bolt is already here and  “everything that the highly anticipated Model 3 wants to bring to the table.”

The Built by Michigan Bolt has beat out Tesla in bringing an affordable, attractive and powerful EV to the market (and is making every “must see” list from the Auto Show).

But Tesla isn’t complaining (at least, publicly). In a statement, the startup wrote, “we hope to see all those additional zero-emission vehicles on the road,” standing by previous statements that any advances to the EV market are welcome.”

All this comes on the heels of the best-ever month for EV sales in the U.S, and an Auto show where EV technology was front and center.  (See story below on the new plug-in Chrysler minivan!)

Michigan manufacturing has put us out in front of the trends already; lets stay there.

Charles Griffith
Climate & Energy Program Director
The Ecology Center

Photos courtesy of GM