Bravo, Ford, for 'sweeping Toyota across the board for fuel-economy leadership'!

Ford's newest entry in the plug-in hybrid market, the C-Max Energi, tops the pack in fuel-economy according to a recent rating by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The "Built by Michigan" C-Max Energi was given a rating of 108 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) for city use, along with a 100 MPGe overall rating. 

In announcing the results, Ford noted the that C-Max Energi's MPGe outpaces the Toyota Prius plug-in by 5 MPGe.

In fact, the C-Max Energi and other vehicles built at the Michigan Assembly Plant are helping Ford "complete a lineup that beats Toyota in fuel economy in every segment where they both compete." In addition to the $550 million that Ford invested to convert MAP into a flexible factory, the company added a third crew of 1,200 workers in May, bringing total employment there to 5,170. 

Ford is "sweeping Toyota across the board for fuel economy leadership," according to Jim Tetreault, Ford vice president of North America manufacturing, in a story reported by our friend Matt Roush at the Great Lakes IT Report. 

The C-Max Energi, along with the Ford Focus Electric (110 MPGe in the city) are two of just a handful of cars that have a prestigious US EPA ranking of 100 MPGe or more, according to a report on the Clean Technica web site. "Ford is expected early next year to bolster its lineup of top-notch electric and plug-in hybrids with the Ford Fusion Energy plug-in hybrid," which should also have a MPGe of more than 100, they reported.

"Over the course of five years, C-MAX Energi customers could save nearly $7,000 compared with the average new vehicle, according to the federal EPA label," Ford saidin their announcement. "Comparative savings could go even higher if the current trend of rising gas prices continues."