How we spent our summer vacation? At a national park, of course!

parkJust like cities, other units of government can support the alternative energy vehicle industry, and the National Park Service is showing us how.

The NPS recently announced they were adding alternative-fuel vehicles into their fleets at five parks, and also going to provide some parking areas with charging stations for electric vehicles.

According to their analysis, the park service believes the plan will save the agency 16,000 gallons of gasoline and prevent about 83 tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere each year.

Environmental groups welcomed the news.

"Not only will a switch to cleaner vehicles reduce air pollution and oil use at our pristine national parks, but they will show millions of tourists what may be possible for their next car purchase," said Gina Coplon-Newfield, director of the Sierra Club's green fleets and electric vehicles initiative.

Stay tuned for similar news for Michigan State Parks!