Michigan’s public universities getting in gear

Apparently the leaders of Michigan’s great research universities were listening earlier this month when President Obama announced $1 billion in federal grants to develop the infrastructure to support alternative energy vehicles.

In testimony to the state legislature on March 14, U-M President Mary Sue Coleman said the state’s higher education institutions will make a strong bid for the funding.

“The president just announced a $1 billion commitment back on Friday and, believe me, we at the University of Michigan and Michigan State and Wayne State and some of our other universities will be front and center to try and get some of that money,” said Coleman. Her remarks were cited in a story broadcast on Michigan Radio.

The federal grants will go toward making 10 to 15 communities across the country models for how to create the infrastructure for cars and trucks powered by electricity, solar energy, natural gas or some other alternative energy source.

According to Coleman, the University Research Corridor, a cooperative arrangement between Michigan’s three big research universities, makes the state a strong contender.

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