Quick! Send more Volts to California

volt shippingChevrolet dealers in California are scrambling for Volts as sales surge there, according to a report in the Detroit Free Press earlier this month.

"I've had more people talk to me in the last couple months about the Volt than I have in the last year," said Bill Cumming, general manager of Ron Baker Chevrolet in National City, Calif., a San Diego suburb. "Currently, I have none in stock."

Volt sales are gaining momentum in California, in part because of state policy that allows hybrid and electric car owners to use carpool lanes no matter how many people are in the car. Nearly a quarter of Volt registrations in the country are in California, a state that hasn’t always been welcome turf for Detroit manufacturers.

"GM and the other domestics have for years struggled in California,” according to an analyst quoted in the Free Press. “The success of the Volt in California will help GM in its efforts to be viewed as a competitive manufacturer that offers contemporary and competitive products. Volt's success there says that Volt is indeed an environmentally advanced and friendly vehicle."

We couldn’t agree more.