'But you gotta know the territory!'

chevy voltRemember the anvil salesman in The Music Man, whose explanation for sales success was "You gotta know the territory"?

It seems that the folks at Serra Chevrolet in Southfield really know their territory. The dealership sells more Chevrolet Volts per month than any other dealership in the country.

"We're getting in 25 a month, and we're selling 25 a month," Greg Brown, general manager of the dealership, told Forbes contributor Dale Buss for a column that appeared April 29. For comparison, most Chevrolet dealers sell one or fewer Volts per month.

And Serra's secret? (Besides knowing the territory, that is?) Pretty basic stuff. "All it takes to sell Chevrolet Volts to the American public is a dealership that is dedicated to the task from the top down, focused training of salespeople in how to showcase the car, a handful of Volts in inventory, and a homegrown Excel spreadsheet with some data comparing the cost of ownership of several Chevrolet models," Buss wrote.

In addition to its trained and committed staff, maybe the two highly visible windmills at the Serra dealership give their sales some extra energy. The windmills provide about 15 percent of the dealership's electricity needs. "Those aspects of the store, and the mindset of the Volt, go hand-in-hand," Brown said in the column. "It helps."