Workplaces offer electric-car charging for employees

workplace-chargingIn more news from the “if you build it, they will come” front, the Detroit News carried a story from Maryland earlier this month about workplaces installing charging stations for employees with electric vehicles.

As expected, the story led off with a report about an installation at a General Motors plant.

“It's not surprising that an automaker that makes plug-in electric vehicles is emerging as a leader in working to expand charging stations for consumers, starting with its own workers at company facilities in Maryland and elsewhere,” the story said. But it went to point out that other large employers are getting into the act, including Verizon, Google, 3M, General Electric and Eli Lilly & Co.

"We've got industry acknowledging that this is a mode of transportation for the future, and they're taking action to start to lay the groundwork," said Jill Sorensen, executive director of the non-profit Baltimore-Washington Electric Vehicle Initiative.

So why not Michigan? Can’t we bring more workplace charging opportunities to the mitt, home of so much of the engineering and manufacturing for electric vehicles?