Would you buy a Volt if the price came down $10,000? Who wouldn’t?

While GM has been offering some terrific leasing rates for the Chevrolet Volt lately, the car’s relatively high sticker price, just under $40,000, has been a deterrent for more than a few buyers, it’s safe to say.

But that will change with the next generation of Volts, expected to drive into showrooms in the next 18 months to two years.Volt at dealership

"This next generation, we think we can decrease the price on the order of $7,000 to $10,000," GM CEO Dan Akerson said at a meeting in California at the end of April. And that’s not counting various state and federal incentives that might still be out there, for what everyone agrees is a terrific ride.

Over the life of the vehicle, that would really bring down the cost per mile to make the car a very sensible economic decision for most households.

Not to mention the environmental benefits.

And best of all? Those next generation Volts will be Built by Michigan, generating jobs for Michigan workers and economic benefits for communities throughout our state