Ford hybrid sales take huge jump

Ford Motor Company announced at the end of May that it had broken its full-year hybrid sales record, set in 2012, in just the first five months of 2013.CMax energi

In their announcement, Ford said they expected to sell approximately 37,000 hybrid vehicles through May, representing around a 375 percent increase over the same period last year.

And the good news keeps coming from the Dearborn automaker. They said the Fusion Hybrid is projected to deliver its best May sales ever, and the Ford Fusion Energi is likely to have its best sales month since it was launched in February.

Ford Motor Company credited the strong sales to its new electrified vehicle lineup including Ford C-MAX Hybrid, Ford C-MAX Energi, Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford Fusion Energi, as well as Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.

Ford is now second only to Toyota in the number of hybrid vehicles it sells in the United States.

“We’re working tirelessly to get as many hybrids to the market as we can right now to meet this unprecedented customer demand for our electrified vehicles,” said Erich Merkle, Ford U.S. sales analyst. “The success we are experiencing with hybrids is energizing the whole company.”

This is good news for Ford, but it’s also great news for Michigan.