Indy will launch an electric car-share program in 2014

A coalition of the Indianapolis city government, a private company and the city’s largest employers, universities, tourist attractions and civic organizations have announced plans to launch the largest electric car share program in the United States in 2014.

auto-lib electric car share in ParisThe system will feature 500 electric vehicles and 1,200 charging stations at 200 car-share locations. The Bolloré Group, which operates a similar plan in Paris, plans to invest approximately $35 million to launch the program.

“This program provides a great opportunity for downtown workers, residents and visitors to get around town in a car without owning one,” said Mayor Greg Ballard. “This service allows a person, government or company to only pay for a car when they need and want it. They aren’t paying for fuel, insurance, maintenance and parking costs when the vehicle is not in use.”

It also will allow Indianapolis to become one of the most “electrified” cities in the US with a dense network of charging stations available to private EV owners.

Car-share programs are great for consumers and the market because they let people try out a new technology before buying and/or they fit a niche that is more appropriate for their needs.And electric cars are a great fit for car-share programs, according to a blog post from the Union of Concerned Scientists: range concerns would be less of an issue, operating costs per mile would be lower, and fleets would likely get a better deal on the sticker price.