Ann Arbor's charging stations see growing demand

What’s that they say? Something about how if you build it, . . . . ?

That’s definitely true in Ann Arbor, where little more than a year after the installation of 18 electric vehicle charging stations in city-owned parking structures, growing demand has the Downtown Development Authority looking at adding more.

Ann Arbor charging station

"We are getting something like 80 percent use of our car chargers each day,” Dave Konkle, the DDA's energy programs director, said in a report on mLive.

Konkle told reporter Ryan Stanton that there's a clan of about eight plug-in vehicle owners who know each other and coordinate use of the two chargers inside the Forest Avenue garage.

"They park there all day, so they have little notations and a little system where once their car is charged, they call in the next guy, and they come and they just move their car and let the next guy charge," he said.

A University of Michigan professor quoted in the story said it's not uncommon to see four plug-in vehicles crowding around the two chargers there, so now she uses an app on her phone to find out which EV parking spots are available around the downtown at any given time.