Looking for a charge? There’s an app for that

Credit: Dennis SchroederWorried about where to plug in? Help is at your fingertips thanks to a free mobile app launched by the federal Department of Energy to help drivers find “alternative fuel” stations--electricity as well as biodiesel, natural gas, ethanol, hydrogen and propane. The new app is a mobile version of the DoE’s Alternative Fuel Station Locator web site, and it lists over 15,000 stations across the country.

The app displays addresses, phone numbers, and operating hours for all stations near the user’s current location, or any specified address. Drivers can search for stations that meet certain parameters, such as what payment methods they accept.

The Alternative Fueling Station Locator app is free, and is available for the iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store. “Unlike some online government services we could name, it seems to work exactly as advertised,” according to a snarky post on Charged EV’s.

Of course, as with almost any app, there are other options, like those from Recargo, PlugShare, ChargePoint and CarStations. For more on these apps, check out the review posted on the New York Green Advocate site.

(Photo by Dennis Schroeder.)