Isn’t Washtenaw where you find the leaders and the best?

Washtenaw County is really showing how local governments can help themselves and the the state’s economy at the same time.

Bob Mossing, who plans vehicle purchases for the county, has been adding Built by Michigan plug-in vehicles to their fleet over the past year.

From the county’s perspective the vehicles represent a significant reduction in fuel costs for the kind of trips most common for government agencies, including the sheriff’s department.

“I last filled up about 380 miles ago, and still have three-quarters of a tank of gas,” Mossing said during a recent drive in the county’s Ford CMax energy, manufactured just across the county line in Wayne.. “So this vehicle makes a lot of sense for fleets that drive a lot in town.”

He noted that nurses in the county’s health department help citizens get to doctors’ appointments or deliver medication to patients. “So this would be an excellent car for those needs,” he said. “We’re going to save a lot of money as we get more of these vehicles.”

Maybe the other 82 counties in the state could learn from Washtenaw’s experience, and save money for their constituents while putting more Michiganders to work.