They call it a Fiat (but the technology came from Michigan)

The powertrain for the Fiat 500e is a winner, listed among the Ward’s 10 Best Engines earlier this month, only the second EV ever recognized in the competition. The 500e’s powertrain was completely developed at Chrysler’s headquarters in Auburn Hills, making it the first Fiat-branded vehicle to be conceived in the U.S.

Fiat 500-e“If it turns the wheels with enough force to make a vehicle fun to drive, then we consider it in the hunt,” according to the Ward’s editors.

“The 500e dashes from stoplights with such confidence that even hard-hearted internal-combustion devotees will find themselves recalibrating their perceptions after a test drive," according to the story. "Ward's editors describe the 500e as a 'little guided missile' and raved about its 'off-the-charts torque' and ability to 'haul ass' to the point that a steady hand on the tiller is necessary with the accelerator mashed.”

For now, the 500e is available only in California, but that’s okay with us, as long at the technological innovation comes from Michigan.

“Hats off to Chrysler and Fiat for taking a chance on the electrified city car,” Ward’s concluded. And our hats are off to them, too.