Chevy Spark called ‘best overall electric vehicle’

The critics are nearly unanimous: the Chevrolet Spark is great.

Car and Driver called the Spark EV “quick and spry, fun and cheerful” and put it at the top of its most recent list of EVs, and Kelly Blue Book says the Chevy Spark has the lowest five-year cost of ownership of any car on the market, according to this story in Torque News.

“The gas version of this same car just scored the highest in its category in the world’s toughest crash test and is a Top Safety Pick,” they wrote. “Finally, the car we are talking about is also the second most fuel efficient vehicle in the US market.”

While Spark EV sales are still pretty low, they’ve been growing steadily. “Chevy seems to have a hit on its hands and may want to consider building a few more than it needs to meet the California and other ZEV state mandates,” according to the Torque News story.

The Kelly Blue Book five-year cost of ownership calculation includes fuel, insurance and maintenance as well as the purchase price, minus tax incentives. By that measure, the Chevy Spark is more affordable than the Toyota Corolla, though in fairness, the Spark EV is much smaller than a Corolla, the Torque News analysts pointed out. “The Spark EV is not for everyone. It is not a family car and it is not a luxury car. However, as a city car or commuter car it is hard to find an EV that has so much going for it.”

What’s not to like? Well, two things. One, the Spark isn’t made in Michigan. And second, it’s not yet for sale here.  But it is a Chevy and benefits from GM’s research and design efforts here in the motor state, where the technology can then migrate to other platforms and products.  We hope it does, and that the Spark EV will soon be available for sale here as well.