Enough outsourcing already! Spark batteries to be ‘insourced’

We’ve seen enough outsourcing in American manufacturing, so it’s great to see the news that General Motors is going to be “insourcing” the batteries for its Spark minicar.

Earlier this month, MLive reported that all batteries for the 2015 minicar will be made at GM's battery assembly plant in Brownstown.

The story noted that the plant started producing the batteries about a month ago, following a $65 million investment at the plant.  This was part of a bigger $449 million package of next generation electrification investments, which we reported on last month.

GM says bringing production in-house allowed the automaker to deliver a battery system that is more efficient and lighter than the one used in the 2014 Spark EV without sacrificing range.

"Our successful working relationship with LG Chem has allowed us to deliver a new battery system for the Spark EV that helps us to better leverage our economies of scale," Larry Nitz, executive director of GM global transmission and electrification engineering, said in a statement quoted by the news outlet.