BMW packs it in: a cheaper, suitcase-sized EV charger

BMW announced a few days ago that it has helped develop a less-expensive charger the size of a small suitcase that could help create a nationwide charging network.

(The photo, of course, if of an "old school" BMW charging station.)

“By making its quick chargers available at a discount, BMW is encouraging third-party companies to step in and set up a system similar to Tesla’s nationwide network,” according to a story from the Automotive News. But unlike Tesla’s chargers, which are exclusively available to Tesla owners, the BMW-branded chargers also can be used to recharge EVs made by competitors including Ford, GM and Volkswagen.

“We want to remove every perceived barrier for our potential customers Robert Healey, EV infrastructure manager at BMW of North America, told the Automotive News. “We want to ensure that customers see these chargers.”

Now we hope to hear that some Michigan automotive companies are partnering with them.