Well-deserved kudos for EV champion Mike Tinskey

Here at the Built by Michigan coalition, we’ve had many chances to learn from Mike Tinskey, global director for electrification and innovation at Ford, and we’re among his biggest fans.

Mike TinskeySo we’re very pleased to see him get the kudos he deserves in this recent profile in Tech Republic.

His interest in energy and electricity started young, according to the profile, when as a six-year-old he ignited his family’s living room carpet doing a little improvised wiring.

It’s been uphill for him since then, using his engineering and business training to address Ford’s challenges in fuel economy, efficiency and clean technology.

“When Tinskey talks about his work with electrification, it all comes back to the big picture,” according to the Tech Republic profile. “The next generation of technologies that he and others in the industry are working on are going to be even more harmonized. Because, in the end, everyone is working toward the same goal.”

“We're all rooting for each other,” he told the outlet. “It goes that far. We all want to see that market succeed because it's -- from an efficiency standpoint -- the right thing to do.”

Our hat’s are off to a great guy, great engineer and great friend of the electric-vehicle industry here in Michigan.