Now what? Electric Harleys?

electric harleyTraditional hog fans might get a charge out of the news that Harley-Davidson is considering a new line of plug-in motorcycles, but they’re more likely to appeal to “selfie-taking, green hipsters,” according to a report from Bloomberg News.

Harley took prototypes on a 30-city tour, including the Detroit area, this fall to solicit feedback and measure consumer interest.

"Businesswise, this is smart," according one potential customer interviewed in Southfield last month. While the idea of an e-hog has risks, he said "if Harley is doing it, that means it's a viable thing."

While motorcycles are already quite efficient in terms of MPG, Harley knows it won’t reach some customers unless they provide a plug-in option.

The Harley electric bike's battery range is about 53 miles and the engine can be operated in three modes: sport, power and range, according to the Bloomberg report. “There are no gears to shift through, so the prototype rides as easily as a moped, albeit one that's frighteningly quick,” going from zero to 60 miles per hour in under four seconds.”