California goes for EV-friendly building codes

Here’s a good idea from California: starting next year, the state building code will require all new construction to be wired for Level 2 electric-car charging stations.

“By ensuring that new construction comes prewired for electric-car charging, the California rule streamlines the process of installing a charging station at a later date,” according to a story on Green Car Reports.

This photo from last year shows California Governor Jerry Brown at the state's Drive the Dream promotion of plug-in vehicles.

The rule specifies that one- and two-family dwellings have capacity for a 40-amp circuit--enough for a 32-amp charging station--and conduit that can support wiring for an 80-amp circuit.

Parking lots with more than 100 spaces will also be required to have sufficient electrical capacity to accommodate charging stations for 3 percent of those spaces.

“This will not only make retrofitting structures easier, but cheaper as well,” the story said. “The estimated cost of compliance is reportedly around $50, a fraction of the cost of adding the appropriate electrical service and wiring later on.”

This sounds like an idea worth replicating in other states.