Need a LIFT?

It’s time for liftoff.  The federally funded Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT) manufacturing innovation institute is kicking off its first three projects this month. It will explore carbon-fiber and metal-based ways of “manufacturing things that are lighter and stronger,” and with that, more fuel-efficient.

A Detroit Free Press Article quotes the head of LIFT, Lawrence Brown, explaining that they’ll be " looking at joining dissimilar metals. That's going to be a big key, how to join aluminum alloys to steel alloys. We know that's a need in all industries.”

One of those industries is the EV industry- thinner and lighter materials enable strides in better mileage, not just in PEVs but in hybrid vehicles as well. Chevrolet recently unveiled the 2016 Malibu hybrid, which is bigger, but lighter than the previous model. It’s expected to get around 45 mpg.