A cheaper Volt drives into the “electric future”

cq5dam.web.1280.1280.jpegAccording to GM, “the future is electric.”

That’s what the company wrote in a statement it put out alongside its sustainability report this year.

The report espouses GM’s commitment to continue pushing EV technology, “an intrinsic part of our mission to transform transportation to meet the evolving needs of our customers, while helping solve some of the world’s most complex challenges.”

Part of that includes plans to invest almost $500 million in Michigan EV manufacturing, beginning designs for an EV family vehicle in the $30,000 price range and announcing a hybrid version of the Malibu.

In the report, the automaker highlights the Chevy Volt as a prime achievement in electrification, pointing specifically to efforts to tailor the Volt to consumer driving patterns.

The report also acknowledges that “ the consumer learning and acceptance curve for these technologies and their capabilities is a steep one,” which has GM cutting the Volt’s price once again.

With the Volt’s additional tech upgrades, new design, and cheaper price, the hope is the 2016 Volt can achieve an even greater mass appeal.

In a recent episode of autoline after hours, the Volt’s Chief Engineer Andrew Farrah, gave an in-depth look at the new model, explaining how it keeps its quiet EV feel even after the engine kicks in, and other technical details about the redesigned battery and powertrain engine.

Check out the video here: