US EV sales way behind global trends

Norway RoadNobody knows what to blame it on, exactly. Anti-EV propoganda? Waiting for the new Volt? Low gas prices?

But, as Charles Morriss writes in Charged Magazine: “in three of the last six months, US sales failed to equal the monthly figures of a year ago.”

Compare that to the rest of the world, where PEV sales have increased 52% since last year. Even Cuba has ordered 719 electric vehicles as it looks to update its famed lost-in-time fleet. In Norway, one in three cars is electric, because of a robust set of incentives. An article in Quartz summarizes them succinctly:

“Electric cars are exempt from value added tax (VAT) and purchase tax, which on average in Norway add 50% to the cost of a vehicle. In addition, they are exempt from road tolls, tunnel-use charges, and ferry charges. Moreover, they get free parking, free charging, and the freedom to use bus lanes.”

Renault Nissan-CEO Carlos Ghosn argues that the mainstreaming of EVs is coming from increasingly advanced technology:

“A decade ago, many people thought electric cars would never make it, that they were slow, bulky and unattractive – more like a golf cart. That’s obviously changed. And with Formula E, we now see that EVs can also be sleek, fast and powerful – while still being good for the environment.”

And if it dwindling US sales really are to blame on those holding out for new models, we’ll see soon enough.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Vinay Deep via Creative Commons