2016 Volt reviews are in… and it’s almost ready to order

Reviews have started coming in for the 2016 Chevy Volt, and the Built by Michigan car is getting some raves.

Green Car Reports says the plug in hybrid is “smoother, faster, quieter, considerably better-looking (in our view) and should be a slam-dunk upgrade for today's Volt owners.” That’s great to hear, especially since the Volt is not only assembled locally, but most of its components are Built by Michigan as well. The car increased its North American content 20% overall.

Forbes writes that the “ beauty of the Volt is that range anxiety is not a factor.” Most estimates put the Volt’s total range at around 420 miles, with 53 electric miles, a direct response from GM to customer wishes for longer electric range.

In an interview with Charged Magazine, Chief Volt Engineer Andrew Farrah said:

“[Customers] wanted more electric range and we’ve given them more. They really enjoyed how fun to drive the vehicle is and I think we’ve achieved that in the way that the car handles – it’s more sporty, more nimble. And they also wanted it to be more efficient overall. With the increased range and increased fuel economy of over 40 mpg, we’re able to offer exactly what they’re looking for."

Yet Green Car Reports worries that the Volt won’t do very well because of GM’s advertising. They write: “We worry most about GM's ability to explain what the Volt is, why it's better than other plug-in hybrids, and how it blends the benefits of all-electric drive with the security of a range-extending engine when you need it.”

In fact, a new study from German automotive research groups Roland Berger Automotive Competence Center and the fka Research Institute finds that a “lack of coherent sales concepts” could explain, in part, the low sales numbers for EVs in the U.S.

We’ve trailed behind Europe and Asia in EV sales for a while now, but some say the most recent slowdown has been the dropoff of people waiting for new models like the 2016 Volt to come out.

Looks like Michiganders will be able to put in our orders for the Volt come the first of October. We’ll have to see how sales go from there.

Images courtesy of Chevrolet