An Apple Car in your Future? Here’s what we know

After the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is jumping into the EV market, there’s been plenty on which to speculate. Here are some top points:

  • It has a planned shipping date of 2019 
    That might also just be the date that engineers sign off on main components, Auto News reports. It’s not necessarily the date the car would be available to consumers.

  • It might be autonomous
    Older reports of Apple checking out super secret locations to maybe test drive a self-driving car have been floating for a while. This latest report puts it closer to being a reality, but it’s more likely that autonomous features will roll out slowly.

  • Nobody agrees on whether they’ll succeed or not
    Tim Higgins of Bloomberg News thinks Apple has is “uniquely positioned” for success. He writes that apple “ boasts some advantages versus other Silicon Valley companies with car ambitions,” including available cash, tech that’s ready, robust retail networks, and execs with auto experience.

But one industry insider has his doubts. Former GM executive Bob Lutz has called it a “giant money pit.”

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Photo by Jeremy Piehler via Flickr Creative Commons