Automakers Now Admit Electric Vehicles Feel Better to Drive

One of the most attractive benefits of electric vehicles may not have to do with finance or the environment—it’s that they’re simply much nicer to drive than internal combustion vehicles.

A smooth ride and an instant torque delivery, the things you actively notice when you drive, are defining features of the EV experience. Automotive executives are starting to get the message.   

Chevrolet Bolt

As reported by Green Car Reports, Larry Nitz, executive director of hybrid and electric powertrain engineering at General Motors, has said that EV owners should be tapped to help promote the vehicles to other consumers by telling them how much they enjoy driving EVs. Jackie Birdsall, executive engineer at Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing North America, said that everyone she knows who has tried driving an EV didn’t want to go back to gas, and Yasuyuki Sando, Honda senior chief engineer, thinks that automakers can do a better job promoting them but making the cars look nicer.

This is good news—it looks like automakers are recognizing that EVs are simply better cars with a better driving experience, and some automakers will be putting an effort into giving them slicker designs.

It also means that the narrative of EVs being the environmentally friendly alternative to internal combustion cars may shift, and consumers will start to recognize them as the smoother driving, cooler looking alternative to internal combustion cars as well. That’s a good reason to make sure that they’re built by Michigan.