Bold $7 Billion Plan to Cut Emissions in Ontario

A major plan from our neighbor to the East to boost EVs and other low-carbon technologies is apparently being developed as part of an overall effort to address climate change.

The plan, being led by Environmental Minister Glen Murray, would mean big changes for the automotive and energy industries within Ontario with $285 million going toward EV incentives.

Photo Credit: ANDREW FRANCIS WALLACE / TORONTO STAROfficials plan to boost electric vehicle sales to over 80,000 per year by 2025, which is 12% of annual vehicle sales, up from their current 1.5%. With rebates of up to $14,000 per EV purchase and up to $1,000 for installing home charging stations, this goal seems obtainable. They even plan to create an incentive for low- and middle-income homes to replace old vehicles with new EVs, provide free overnight electricity for charging your vehicle, and require new buildings to have charging stations. 

There is much more to this climate plan that will address the transportation and energy sector in Ontario, including plans to promote cleaner fuels and electric buses, as well as converting buildings over to geothermal or electric heating.

Detailed plans like this one are exactly the kind of approach needed to transition to the low-carbon technologies of the future.  Whether part of an initiative to stem climate change or promote a new clean energy economy, success will likely require bold plans like that being developed by our neighboring Ontario. We’ll be watching, and hope others will be too.  

Photo: Premier Kathleen Wynne and Environment and Climate Change Minister Glen Murray unveiled Ontario's Five Year Climate Action Plan at Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto.  (ANDREW FRANCIS WALLACE / TORONTO STAR) 

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