Chrysler Unveils Portal Concept at CES

Fiat Portal Concept Van

The Chrysler Portal, an all-electric concept van, was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show this January. The Portal has been rumored for some time, and consumers finally got a chance to see what Chrysler came up with at both CES and the Detroit International Auto Show.

The Portal boasts autonomous driving technology, a 250-mile electric driving range, and fast charging capability to name a few. On top of it being an electric vehicle, it also contains lots of technology like in-car wi-fi, face and voice recognition, touch screens, and multiple charging ports for electronic accessories. With the Portal’s environmentally conscious and tech aspects, it has been touted by FCA as a car created “by Millennials, for Millennials.”

The design itself was created to follow the vehicle’s owner, presumably the “Millennial Family” through life's many stages. The Portal has seemingly endless seating configurations adaptable for an adventurous young couple or a growing family. The designers even created a third space with a serene atmosphere, intended for an alternative environment from work and home.

Considering this EV was created for the Millennial generation, their reaction to the Portal has been somewhat mixed. Millennials, on the whole, have shown that they appreciate EVs mainly because they reduce carbon emissions and cut costs associated with fueling. The general attitude they have towards the Portal seems to be that it is trying too hard.

At the Detroit International Auto Show, Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne hinted of the production of a vehicle similar to the Portal starting as early as 2018. It will be interesting to see what changes are made to the design and engineering after the Millennial generation’s reaction to the van. No matter what, production of the Portal means that another electric vehicle will be on the market and options will continue to build for anyone interested in becoming a part of the EV family.