December 2016 shows record Electric Vehicle Sales

Tesla S

Looking back on 2016 the country as a whole saw some highs and some lows, but electric vehicle sales saw only highs. Inside EVs reports a total of 159,139 electric vehicles were sold in the United states in 2016, with 24,785 of those sold in December alone. That’s an 80% increase over sales in December 2015 and almost 40% over the full year!  That makes 2016 the year the most electric vehicles were sold since they were introduced on the market in 2008.

Leading sales for the year were the Tesla Model S and the Chevrolet Volt, which have historically been two of the most trusted EVs on the market. Surprisingly, the all-new Chevrolet Bolt came in with 600 total sales, despite only being available for purchase after Christmas. Also setting new records were the Ford Fusion and CMax Energi plug-ins, seeing a 30% increase over the last year.  

In the past, the market has seen EV sales increase when gas prices are high, but 2016 gas prices were consistently affordable for the average American. This is a good sign for the EV market.

Record sales in 2016 led to the total number of EVs sold in the United States to over half a million since 2008. Automakers are looking to add more affordable, long-range electric vehicles to the marketplace in 2017 and beyond. As more affordable EV options come into play and investment in fast charging infrastructure increases, we hope to see continued increases of EV sales every year.