Break out the bubbly! 100,000 plug-ins and counting

Sometime around the middle of May, the 100,000th modern plug-in electric car was delivered to a buyer somewhere in the U.S., according to a report in Green Car Reports.plug-in America sales counter

While the exact buyer and car will likely never be known, every EV driver in the country should celebrate the milestone.

Since the first modern plug-in vehicles were delivered to customers only 30 months ago, in December 2010, reaching six figures is a major accomplishment, “and their annual sales rate shows no sign of abating,” according the report.

From a modest start, sales tripled in 2012 to more than 53,000 cars, and analysts anticipate that the number will double again this year, pushing 2013 sales of plug-in electric cars over 100,000 units in the U.S. alone--and perhaps double that number globally.

“It's worth noting that the pace of plug-in car sales growth is considerably quicker than that of hybrid-electric vehicles in their first two years, which were 2000 and 2001,” according to Green Car Reports.

And the best news of all? Many of those vehicles are Built by Michigan-based companies and their workers.