‘2013 could prove to be a watershed year’

The good news on sales isn’t limited to a few manufacturers.

With more models on the market than ever before, “2013 could prove to be a watershed year for hybrid cars, with sales of both pure electric and hybrid vehicles putting on strong showings in an increasingly competitive car market,”according to data on the website CleanTechnica.

American manufacturers (meaning those headquartered in Michigan) are doing best overall, according to a fun little piece on the Gas2.org site.

And the good news doesn’t end there.

“These sales numbers mean big things for automakers and car buyers,” the Gas2 report said.

“Not only are Americans turning to hybrids and EVs in greater numbers, but the market for used hybrids is going to start surging. It will be increasingly easy to find a car driven by a hybrid or pure electric drivetrain on the used car market, allowing these high-tech, fuel-efficient vehicles to trickle down into the secondary car economy. . . . . Exciting things are happening in the American car market. Stay tuned.”