How much cheaper is it to drive on electricity?

Who says the federal government can’t do anything right? Not us. One example?

e-gallon imageClick here to see a very neat chart from the Department of Energy showing what they call an e-gallon, meaning how much it costs to drive an EV the same distance you could go on a gallon of unleaded case in a similar car.

The calculations vary by state, but “on average, fueling your car with gasoline costs roughly 3 times more than fueling with electricity,” according to DoE public-affairs director Dan Leistikow

“The price of gasoline is posted at every corner gas station, but what about the cost of driving on electricity? The Department of Energy’s eGallon provides a quick and simple answer to this question and allows electric vehicle (EV) drivers to see how much they can save on fuel by using electricity instead of gasoline.”

Because electricity prices are a little different state to state, the DoE eGallon tool shows how much an eGallon costs in each state, and compares it to the cost of gasoline. In Michigan, an e-gallon is the equivalent of $1.41.

Another benefit of EVs shown by the calculator if you watch it over time?

“Gasoline prices often spike up and down erratically because they’re linked to international oil markets,” Leistikow explains. “Events half a world away can drive up the price we pay at the pump.” But the cost of electricity is much more stable, so EV owners don’t have to worry so much about the wild swings seen in gas prices.