Let’s take a road trip, eh?

Michigan electric-car owners may find themselves traveling to Canada one of these days, and they can go in confidence that they’ll find charging stations all the way from the Motor City to Montreal.

Sun Country Highway 401 corridor map

Sun Country Highway, one of Canada’s leading suppliers of electric vehicle products and services, has extended its network of charging stations to cover the length of Highway 401 between Detroit and Montreal.

The 17 stations along the route are spaced 31 to 60 miles apart. The corridor will benefit electric-car drivers in both Ontario and Quebec who were previously stayed put because of a limited, urban-centric charging infrastructure, according to a story on Green Car Reports.

SCH partnered with municipal governments and local businesses and organizations to install the stations and provide electricity at each location. The completion of the corridor was celebrated by a convoy of plug-in cars, including a Built by Michigan Chevrolet Volt, on a trip from Montréal to Detroit.

“The 401 is the busiest highway in North America,” SCH president Kent Rathwell said, “and now business travelers and eco-tourists have the option to travel emission-free--a huge step toward a more sustainable future.

Hmmm. Who’s going to come up with a similar plan to get across Michigan? We’d really like to be able to show a similar map, but with I-94, I-96 and I-75 on it instead of the 401.