Current Motor has the juice

Current Motor, the Ann Arbor-based manufacturer of some really hot, all-electric scooters, has “added the world’s coolest solar-powered fleet system to its product offerings,” according to a report from our friend Matt Roush at WWJ News Radio 950.

Last week, Current introduced a “mini-fleet” system, including a solar-powered electric charging station and four super scooters, targeted at the “campus transportation market,” appealing to fleet purchasers at colleges and corporate settings. It would also make sense for municipalities and public agencies.

The Current scooters are zero-emission small motorcycles with electric direct drive to the wheel, so there are no belts, chains or gears to maintain. Top speeds range from 55 mph for the regular model to 65 mph for the high-performance model. Range per charge is 40 miles for the regular model and 50 miles for the high-performance model.

The fleet package includes three of the standard scooters and one high-performance model, plus the solar charging station.

The scooters are built by Dakkota Integrated Systems, at a union plant in Holt, near Lansing, with a capacity to build 10,000 scooters per year.

Current was founded in 2008 and reincorporated last year to pursue the fleet business, Roush reported. Its executive chair is Lauren Flanagan, a nationally known angel investor, veteran of Apple and Next computer and founder of four software companies. Investors include auto legend Bob Lutz and entrepreneur Andra Rush.

“Current Motor mini-fleets are self-contained and are delivered to the customer site ready to use,” Flanagan said in Roush’s report. “Our mini-fleet uses 100 percent renewable, clean, solar generated electricity to power our zero emissions Super Scooters, making them among the most sustainable fleet options available, and ideal for corporate, campus, event or municipal use. If our Super Scooters are powered principally by the solar charging station, you may never have to pay to fuel them.”