Live! From New York City

Finding a parking space in New York City, source of a million jokes on late-night television, will soon become easier for electric-car drivers in the city.

nyc charging stationA new law will give “drivers more places to charge plug-in electric cars, in a city where spaces are as coveted as any other real estate, could help make zero-emission electric cars more appealing to New Yorkers,” according to a story on Green Car Reports last week.

(The photo, from, shows outgoing NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg celebrating the installation of a charging station in 2010.)

The law will make 20 percent of the city's off-street parking charger-ready over the next decade. Despite the city’s massive public-transit infrastructure, roughly half of New York City's 8.3 million residents drive their own cars at least once a day.

The law requires that new off-street parking facilities must build in sufficient electrical capacity to accommodate charging stations for 20 percent of their spaces. Existing structures will need to make the same accommodation when install new electrical service.

“The legislation is expected to create a total of 10,000 charger-ready parking spots, roughly 5,000 of which should become available over the next seven years,” according to Green Car Reports.

That’s an increase of from the city’s current 200 electric-car charging stations.