Can I get one in pink?

Sure, there’s been some grousing about the price of the Cadillac ELR, but are you telling me you wouldn’t want one?

While it’s built in the same plant and driven by the same electric propulsion system with a backup gasoline engine as the Chevrolet Volt, the ELR “looks different and has a different feel on the road,” according to a review by Melissa Burden in the Detroit News late last month.

Performance also been enhanced for the luxury coupe, due to arrive in showrooms next month, and a GM executive says 80 percent of the car is new.

The extras are a good thing because the ELR costs about $40,000 more than a Volt, Burden wrote. But it sounds like a real Cadillac, the kind that might make us forget the Cimarron.

“The exterior is a stylish coupe with hidden door handles and rearview mirrors attached to the doors,” Burden wrote. “The interior features premium hand-stitched materials, including leather, and has real wood, carbon fiber trim and buttons instead of door handles.”

Bottom line? “Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway and using the ELR’s electric range, the coupe feels more powerful and sporty than a Volt, and more like a Cadillac,” Burden said.