Bob Lutz beating the drum for electric pickup trucks

Bob Lutz, the driving force behind the Chevrolet Volt when he was vice chairman of General Motors, continues to make noise promoting electric vehicles.

Via Motors photo of Bob LutzAt the North American International Auto Show in Detroit earlier this month, Lutz appeared with other leaders of Via Motors to show off an extended range electric pickup truck by VIA with a solar powered bed cover option. VIA also announced an $80 million purchase agreement with Sun Country Highway to electrify hotels and other businesses across Canada.

Lutz is a board member of Via, an electric-vehicle development and manufacturing company that integrates proprietary power train into new OEM vehicles that it sells directly to fleets.

If he had to do it over again, Lutz said he might have started electrifying trucks rather than passenger vehicles, because it will have a bigger impact on reducing costs for consumers than electrifying smaller cars that already get good fuel economy

“Full size pickup trucks are really the workhorse of America, people just love them,” Lutz said an interview with the BBC. Electrifying “that high-consumption vehicle makes all kinds of sense.”