'Because we're crazy driven, hard working believers--that's why'

Love it or hate it, GM’s latest commercial for the Cadillac ELR is not the kind of ad long-term viewers have come to expect from the luxury automaker.

Why aren’t Americans more like Europeans, it asks? “Because we are crazy driven, hard working believers – that’s why.”

“It could almost be the anthem to the hard working, affluent class in America,” according to Jay Cole at the InsideEVs website. “Now this is the kind of ad we have yet to see from GM -or from any automaker really.”

The takeaway? GM is willing to leave its comfort zone to push an electric vehicle, and one made right here in Michigan, and that’s easy to love.

And speaking of confounding expectations, the ELR itself is not what you might expect, according to Detroit Free Press writer Mark Phelan.

“Most of what you’ve probably heard about the three-star 2014 Cadillac ELR extended-range electric car is wrong,” Phelan wrote in a review a couple of weeks ago. “First and foremost, it’s not a Cadillac version of the four-door Chevrolet Volt. It’s a legitimate luxury coupe with unique styling, a lush interior, a new wheelbase and suspension and much more."

Phelan also reported that the ELR outperformed EPA projections for how far it could go on battery power, despite our recent cold weather. “Its lithium-ion battery proved more than a match for the polar vortex, keeping the car moving and its occupants toasty.”

So while a Cadillac ELR hasn’t found its way to our driveway yet, we couldn’t be happier to hear about this kind of Built by Michigan innovation driving our state forward.