Let it snow! EV sales rise in January

EV in winter Gwenaël PiaserBad weather kept car buyers out of the showrooms in January, according to many analysts, leading to lower overall sales figures.

But electric vehicle sales actually went up last month compared to January 2013. January 2014 EV sales were up to around 5,470 units, up by about a 1,000 over January last year, an increase of nearly 20 percent.

“When looking at electric vehicle sales in America from one month to the next, the tendency is to overreact to plummeting numbers as the calendar flips from one year to the next,” according to a report on the InsideEVs website.

The report noted some buyers might have rushed to their dealers in December to take advantage of the federal $7,500 credit deadline on their 2013 tax returns, potentially lowering demand in January.

So the fact that sales actually grew in the month? “Not too shabby,” according to the report.


Photo: Flickr/Gwenaël Piaser