Better fuel economy: what’s the role for electric vehicles?

Our very own Charles Griffith, climate and energy program director at the Ecology Center, was featured in an interview on the Stateside program on Michigan Radio earlier this month, discussing fuel economy, electric vehicles and what policies are needed to encourage more of these technologies in the marketplace.Stateside

The report was pegged to an encouraging report from the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute about fuel economy.

New vehicles sold in the U.S. in Febuary hit a record high of 25.2 miles per gallon, the fifth-straight month when gas mileage for new vehicles has topped 25 mpg, according to the report.

Record high reached for fuel economy in the US; what comes next?

Stateside producers and host Cynthia Canty were interested in learning more about the role electric, hybrid, natural gas and fuel-cell vehicles and technologies would play in the effort to squeeze out better mileage from our cars and trucks.

Long and short, we’re glad to hear that vehicles are way more efficient today than they used to be: that’s good news for drivers and for the environment. To continue to make progress on that front, though, we need an “all of the above” approach, adding more alternative-fuel vehicles to the fleet as well as improving the performance of traditional internal combustion vehicles.

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