On the sales front, all the signs are positive

Are you tired of hearing people say that electric vehicles will never catch on with the driving public? Us, too.

Maybe the doubters should take a look at this infographic put out a couple of weeks ago by the Electric Drive Transportation Association. (Click here to see the whole thing.)

chart for EDTA infographicWe especially like the portion of the inforgraphic chart showing the January-through-May sales of electric vehicles from 2011 through 2014, showing growth of nearly 1,000 percent from 4,359 in 2011 to 43,480 this year.

“The summer kicked off with record sales for electric drive in May as automakers posted their highest numbers for plug-in and battery electric vehicles since market roll-out,” according to the EDTA summary. Sales of plug-in vehicles reached 12,453 in May, including 5,802 battery electric vehicles and 6,651 plug-in hybrids.

“Meanwhile, 52,227 hybrids moved off of lots in May, the second highest month on record,” they reported. “The total number of plug-in vehicles sold in the U.S. since market roll-out is now at 211,097, more than double the number at this time last year.”

Another article in Charged, the Electric Vehicle Magazine, made the point that auto sales were up across the board in May, “as five sunny weekends gave the typically strong month an extra boost.”

Overall auto sales were up 11 percent in May compared with last year.

“And plug-ins rode the trend, setting an all-time monthly record – 12,053 Americans charged up new cars in May, shattering figures from April (8,605) and last May (7,454),” the report said.