Electrifying news: Volt drivers score a half-billion miles on electricity

This should come as no surprise.

As more and more Chevy’s Volts hit the streets, now totally more than 63,000 vehicles since their launch in 2010, they’re racking up impressive records for miles driven purely on their electric power.

Chevrolet reported last month that Volts have been driven more than 500 million miles on electric power alone.

“The total is based on data from owners who let Chevy track their mileage via the Onstar telematics system, meaning that the actual total electric miles are likely up to 20 percent higher,” according to a story in Green Car Reports.

GM estimates that Volt owners do nearly two-thirds of their driving on electricity alone, going nearly 1,000 miles between filling their gas tanks.

The curve will only accelerate, as more drivers see the benefits of electric vehicles, the Green Car Reports story noted.

“It's only a matter of time before the Volt fleet will have racked up more than 1 billion miles of silent, emission-free driving,” they said.