EVs reach their highest market share ever

September sales numbers report that plug-in electric vehicles hit a record for the highest percentage ever tallied of total vehicles sold in the United States.InsideEVs logo

“This is good news,” according to our friend Gina Coplon-Newfield, director of the Sierra Club’s EV initiative, citing the latest monthly scorecard from InsideEVs that shows auto manufacturers sold more than 10,500 electric vehicles in the U.S. last month.

While the overall number is still low, less than 1 percent of total vehicle sales in September, it’s still the highest percentage to date, according to her calculations.

“This portion may sound small, but it’s 20 percent bigger than the percentage from September 2013,” Coplon-Newfield wrote.

“For an environmental group like the Sierra Club, it is this percentage that we care about more than total EV sales . . . .  For the millions who will continue to drive in the near future, we need them to switch to EVs, which are significantly cleaner than conventional vehicles.”

Why were sales up in September? Coplon-Newfield suggests that National Drive Electric Week played a role; across the country, more than 90,000 people attended events in more than 150 cities.

We saw quite of few curious potential buyers at Drive Electric Week events here in Michigan, and hope some of them added to the month’s great sales.