DTE and MGM install two dozen EV charging stations in Detroit

In an innovative partnership, DTE and MGM have installed two dozen electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle charging stations on the sixth floor of the parking ramp they share in downtown Detroit, near the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino and DTE’s headquarters.

Detroit's Channel 2 covered the story:

While the chargers are intended for use by DTE employees who drive plug-ins, casino guests with EVs and PHEVs are welcome to use them, too.

The charging stations feature wireless communications that links them to both the power grid and the Internet, so DTE employees will be able to see which stations are available and so the company can manage how much juice they’re drawing, according to a story by Matt Roush, reporting for the Engineering Society of Detroit.

“For instance, in the early morning, when DTE needs a lot of power quickly as Michigan wakes up, the charging stations can be turned down so as not to overload DTE’s capacity,” Roush wrote. “Ditto for a hot summer afternoon. But at night, when demand is low, the chargers can be cranked up full blast.”

DTE will make apps available for their employees using the chargers so they’ll be able to know when their car is fully charged and ready to go.

Sounds like a good bet to us.